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Polaris Snapshots

Find out more about our people and our culture.

TEAM Polaris is a corporate program that encourages philanthropic efforts by matching funds raised by 6 or more employees for an eligible 501©3 race or event.

During our annual United Way Campaign, we recognize one Polaris employee for exceptional volunteerism in the community. The winner receives $1,000 towards the non-profit of their choice.

Polaris empowers our people to give back to the community. In addition to volunteering initiatives put on by our teams, we give our full time employees 8 paid hours per year to volunteer.

In 2016, we designed and initiated the Polaris Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Center for Excellence at Summit Bechtel Reserve, the Boy Scouts’ extreme adventure center in West Virginia. This Polaris training center features five safety training tracks and three miles of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) trails.

Our employees constantly find ways to get involved in our communities in fun and exciting ways. Here is one team rowing down the river…the team took home 2nd!

It was a little muddy back there, but a great day for a team ride. Full Time Polaris employees can participate in Team Rides once they pass all required Safety Training and other requirements. These rides are great ways to experience our products and enjoy time as a team outside of the office.

To support employees who drive electric vehicles, we offer charging stations at our headquarters parking lot.

During the summer, we bring all of our interns together for a 2-day event in the Twin Cities to learn about our company, partner together with team building events and network with one another.

Many of our Employees drive our products to work and those who do are given priority parking up front.

Our Women Leaders in Powersports group focuses on community outreach. Several of our Engineering Superheros prepped a day full of STEM fun for a local group of students.

Polaris' Rescue & Relief Fleet donates vehicles to The Salvation Army to help transport food, water, and medical supplies to those in need following disasters.

Polaris Profit Sharing Week is a week-long event in many of our facilities. Employees host different events throughout the week to celebrate the year together and take time to reflect on all that we've accomplished throughout the year.

Polaris Spirit Week is the name given to our Profit Sharing week. This week gives us an opportunity to reflect on the year and celebrate with our colleagues.

Each year we have around 100 people on our MS150 team to make the 150-mile bikeride across Minnesota to raise funds for MS.

The Polaris Creed that you find at the entrance of all of our facilities.

Polaris employees have long-standing pride in our vehicles. During an office event, employees in Wyoming, MN were encouraged to bring their vintage sleds to the office.

Who said professional development has to be done in your chair? Employees recognized as future leaders are nominated each year for our robust leadership training programs.

Women Leaders in Powersports is an employee organization focused on: professional & personal development, promoting diversity at Polaris and in the Powersports industry, networking, recruiting, and community outreach.

Our Wellness Program and the Polaris Foundation partner together to raise funds for MS150. This 150-mile bikeride helps raise funds and awareness for MS and each year the Polaris team is around 100 riders!

Our teams enjoy the festivities put on during Profit Sharing week. The theme was "Lumberjack for a Day" on this specific day in Roseau, MN.

One of the ways our Osceola team gives back is through the Polar Plunge which raises funds for Special Olympics Minnesota athletes.

Some of our employees grew up as avid riders, while many have never riden. Polaris offers many opportunities to gain exposure to our products and encourages riding for those who have taken all required safety training.

Each year we celebrate Polaris Profit Sharing Week in many of our facilities by hosting different events and competitions throughout the week to celebrate as a company.

Polaris encourages employees to share "out of the box" ideas for products and business opportunities. "Polaris Adventures" is the first ever national network of premium riding and driving experiences that range from Maine to Maui.

By adding heat reflective window film in some of our facilities, we have been able to reduce the impact of the sun in our Monterrey, Mexico facility as part of our environmental strategy.

Each year we celebrate Polaris Spirit week in many facilities and host different events such as Polaris Trivia throughout the week to celebrate as a company.

Polaris is commited to the safety of our customers, riders, and employees. All of our employees are required to complete safety training to operate certain vehicles so we can ensure we all get home safely each day.

As part of our focus on reducing our environmental impact, we reground and reused 322 tons of plastic from our injection molding processes in Roseau, Minnesota and Monterrey, Mexico.

One of Polaris' Women Leaders in Powersports' focuses is on networking. The group enjoyed an evening snowmobile ride after a fresh snowfall to enjoy some time together on the trails.

Each year we have over 96% employee participation in the United Way Giving Campaign. We host multiple events throughout the week including a golf tournament, 5K and volunteering opportunities on site.

Since launching our T.R.A.I.L.S. Grant Program in 2006, we’ve donated more than $1.9 million to snow and off-road vehicle associations to ensure the future of safe, legal and accessible riding.

Our Women Leaders in Powersports group focuses on community outreach and recruiting future talent. We partner with local Girl Scouts to teach them about STEM opportunities as a fun learning opportunity each year.


Application & Interview Preparation


Application & Interview Preparation

Have questions as you apply to our opportunities?

We're here to help. Please explore the sections below for insight as you start the process.

Before Applying to a Job

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◈ Learn more about our opportunities to find your fit. Does this role help get you to your dream job? Do you know people who work here who can share about the potential career paths and culture? Do some research to understand our company, market share and market trends to better understand the direction we are headed.

◈ Evaluate your resume. Pretend you are the hiring manager and you have several resumes in front of you. Make sure you make tie yours back to that specific job by calling out specific tasks you were responsible that are related to that job. Or, call out certifications or coursework that helps to showcase your education if you don’t have relatable work experience. Also, work with career services or a mentor who will give you candid feedback.

◈ Connect with us. Meet with us on campus. Work with your career services office to find alumni working at Polaris.

◈ Be aware of application timing. Most of our positions open by September 1st for the following year. The majority of our positions are filled during the fall semester so don’t miss your chance to apply.

After You Apply

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◈ Application Success. You will receive an automatic response once your application is submitted successfully.

◈ Timing of Evaluation Process. We evaluate applications throughout the entire recruiting season which peaks during the fall semester. As such, you may hear back from us at different times for different roles. We will reach out to you regardless if we are able to offer you an invitation to interview or not as we review these applications.

Prepping for Your Interview

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◈ Research & Gain Understanding. Have a solid understanding of our company and the position. If you find that you are still left with questions – ask during the interview. Great places to start learning about us outside of our corporate website include our company and brand Twitter handles: @PolarisInd, @PolarisORV, @PolarisRZR, @PolarisSnow, @indianmotorcycle, @Slingshot and @polarisadventures on Instagram.

◈ Provide examples of your strengths and experiences that you want to highlight. Be able to give concrete examples and be willing to share challenges overcome. Also, be able to share why you are interested in our company and this specific role, and how this opportunity aligns with your career goals.

◈ Prepare thoughtful, forward-thinking questions. How can I hit the ground running from the start? or What are some challenges that I might face in this role? As you think about your questions, try to ask questions that will help you to gain clarity of the opportunity and company culture as well.

◈ Interview Process expectations. If selected for an interview, first round interviews will take place either via phone or in person depending on schedules and timing. Some positions also require completion of an assessment and/or a case study as a part of the interview process so we will keep you informed on what we need as we move through the process.

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